What animals hibernate during the winter?


In winter, the weather cools and the surrounding nutrient sources are reduced. Therefore, in winter, some animals migrate to warm places, for some winter they store food in their nests, and others fall asleep.

Winter sleep is not seen only in animals as it is believed. Plants sleep well as animals. In some trees and plants, they sleep in the winter and sleep in the winter.

Winter sleep or hibernation is a kind of long-term inactivity similar to sleep. In this process, the body temperature of the organism decreases, the number of heart beats decreases, the rate of breathing shopping slows down and the metabolic rate decreases to the lowest level.

Hibernation usually occurs in warm-blooded animals. Because warm-blooded animals obtain energy by burning the food they store in their bodies. They balance the body temperature with this inner energy. Food sources that are diminished by the cooling of the air in winter are insufficient to keep the body temperatures in balance. The animals that cannot find enough nutrients in winter time pass this process in hibernation. In this way they retain the energy they need to carry out their vital activities and survive. A few months before hibernating, they store the food to be consumed while sleeping. The best known animals lying in hibernation are bear, bat, squirrel, hedgehog, ground squirrel, marmot and hazel mouse.

Some warm or semi-warm fish, reptiles, amphibians (both on land and in water) and insects are also hibernating.



The bears are all hibernating. However, according to the types of bears, sleep times vary in winter sleep. Bears receive approximately 30 thousand calories a day in the summer. Considering that they do not exceed 4000 calories per day, the amount of calories they take in summer is quite high. With the introduction of autumn season they take care to consume resinous plants. This is because it is difficult to digest. The calorie foods they take in winter, they turn fat in their bodies into protein. The winter sleep times of bears vary according to their types. Generally, sleep lasted for 7 months may decrease up to 5 months in some bear species.


Yeah, you didn’t hear it wrong. Some frogs living in cold climates can sleep in hibernation. For this reason, frogs’ hibernation conditions may vary depending on climate conditions.

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Usually sharks can be seen in the ocean, not much to find food due to the cooling of ocean water in the cooler months. For this reason, they are told to go down into the ocean and sleep there.


In the summer, you have more attention to the fact that insects are more. In winter the insect does not appear too much. The most important reason for this is that winter insects are sleeping in winter. Some insect species wake up in the winter hibernating in the winter.


Bats usually prefer dark areas and cool places. They prefer to spend the cold winter season in caves or cold ruins instead of outdoors.


One of the most important reasons why snakes are seen in meadows in summer is that snakes love hot weather. Snakes who do not like cold climates spend the winter in the winter, sleeping in the lower part of the soil.



Most of the turtles are hibernating. Even the domesticated water turtles are included in this group. It is also known that many people buried the water-fed turtle in the winter because it was home.


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